It is not easy to enumerate 50-100-200 renowned companies, in Greece and abroad, which were or still are our clients.

That way we would degrade the hundreds of others that would not be mentioned.

There are now thousands of satisfied clients who make up our best advertisement. Those of them who haven’t contacted us for some time, when they finally come back they tell us that they simply did not need any translations.

We don’t want to impress with big names in order for you to come to us. We want you to find out about our reliable services and thus becoming for us ... the best advertisement.


We even cover foreign languages, which are not covered by the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this is because you asked it from us.

Since 1995 we are constantly and consistently investing in the factor "People".

Already, more than 100 professional translators work with us, and are at your service.