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Metafrastiki” offers official and validated translations, from and into 50 languages, of any text style and size.

We translate Technical - Medical - Legal - Financial - Literary - Scientific texts and any kind of special terminologies.

“Metafrastiki” provides validations in most languages. The validation is done by our associated lawyers for contracts, agreements, certificates and other official documents. Thus the translated text becomes official, for any legal use in the public and private sector (i.e. tax offices, Courts, Municipalities, Prefectures, etc.). Forthose languages that our lawyers can not validate, our office’s validation guarantees the accuracy and precision of the text.

  • Consecutive
    Interpreting after the speaker finishes. It is mainly used in very specialized meetings, business lunches, small groups, visits.
  • Whispered
    Simultaneous interpreting directly into the ear of the conferrers. It is used primarily in bilateral meetings or in small groups.
  • Simultaneous
    Almost simultaneous interpreting from within a booth. It is mainly used in conferences.

We offer a complete package of solutions for all your technical and communicational needs with guaranteed quality and competitive prices.

Multilingual Typing - Transcript - Reading& Copy-editing of texts - Web Design –Photocopies - Printing - Bookbinding - Models - Digital Duplications- Electronic Processing Services (DTP).