What we can do for you is pretty obvious.

Any kind of translation of any document or file of any size.

We are your reliable multilingual colleagues.

We can, quickly and professionally, translate any document or file of yours. We can validate it for official use. We can print it for you, make it into a book and duplicate it as many times as you wish. We provide electronic text processing services.

Our motto: "We specialize in your tough demands."

For the impossible we just need extra time.
We serve you anywhere, in Greece or abroad. Send us your questions by fax, mail, e-mail or call us on the phone.
Translation and interpretation services.
With consistency and reliability.
Driven by the needs of People.

What we don’t do

And now we are going to tell you something you will not see, nor read anywhere else.
We do not need many words to describe our services to you. Usually, those who use 1,000 words to describe and analyze something for which only 100 wordsare sufficient, have lost the measure of speech.
We will nottell you that we cover ... 135 or 205 languages in translation. Maybe you will see that elsewhere. But it is an unnecessary excess. Since we all know that internationally, the commercial foreign languages are about 10-15. We will not tell you that we are the... best scientists, internationally recognized. We will tell you that our best investment is our translators who are permanent partners, serious and reliable professionals.
We do not do... everything ... we are not available 24 hours a day, as advertised complacently by others.
A meaningless redundancy.
We will not name, in detail, 150 languages, most of which will never be in demand. We cover, for example, Ottoman Turkish because they refer to the history of Greece (title deeds, certificates, correspondence).
We will not flash titles and excesses at you.
Neither will you see expensive websites for our advertisement to impress you.
Besides, the clients will pay the cost of a very expensive and ... glamorous site.
With modesty we mention that our satisfied clients return to us.
We are particularly interested in their views and good impression about our services.
Our reliability is focused in People needs.
Every client is important, from a renowned multinational company to an economic migrant.
You may ask about anything you need.
Maybe we can do it for you.


The best possible quality, at the most reasonable prices.


“Metafrastiki” offers official and validated translations, from and into 50 languages, of any text style and size.

We translate Technical - Medical - Legal - Financial - Literary - Scientific texts and any kind of special terminologies.


“Metafrastiki” provides validations in most languages. The validation is done by our associated lawyers for contracts, agreements, certificates and other official documents. Thus the translated text becomes official, for any legal use in the public and private sector (i.e. tax offices, Courts, Municipalities, Prefectures, etc.). Forthose languages that our lawyers can not validate, our office’s validation guarantees the accuracy and precision of the text.


“Metafrastiki” offers interpretation services, simultaneous (while the speaker talks), consecutive (after the speaker finishes) and whispered (simultaneous interpreting into the ear of the conferrers). The interpretations may regard conferences and professional meetings or presentations as well.

Regardless of the type of interpretation and the degree of difficulty, our interpreters have the ability, through their rich experience and knowledge, to fully understand and convey accurately the key message of each session.


We offer a complete package of solutions for all your technical and communicational needs with guaranteed quality and competitive prices.

Multilingual Typing - Transcript - Reading & Copy-editing of texts - Web Design – Photocopies - Printing - Bookbinding - Models - Digital Duplications- Electronic Processing Services (DTP).



We are your reliable multilingual collaborators